We do what it says on the tin. We animate covers. It can be books, posters, whatever you desire, as long you as you supply us with the best possible image quality you can.

Why should I have an animated cover?

  • Break through

  • Command attention

  • Maximise sales

  • You already have the artwork- use it!

  • Inexpensive marketing investment

Authors are always seeking new and exciting ways to promote their books in a saturated online battleground. Having your cover animated is an additional way to attract the eyes of more readers and/or engage your followers. You can share your animated cover GIF via your newsletters, and post videos on Facebook and Twitter.

You will be provided with a GIF version (for Twitter posts), and an MP4 version (for your website and Facebook).


We can do:

Bubbles, hearts, confetti, dollars, dust, embers, fireworks, fog, glitter, leaves, light leak, particles, rain, rings, smoke, snow, sparks, stars...

[Our examples on our site need to buffer, but your social media post will be fine.]


A cover is a good start. But sometimes there are other things you might like to shout about: such as an author appearance, your multiplatform release date, and so on.
Let us know your requirements and we will do our best.



You supply all the book and author images.
An average designer can charge £350 per day.
This is a very effective, forever investment
that can be used by you again and again.
I am not a designer, I am an editor of your images.


£29 per cover, MP4 and GIF
£55 for 2 covers
For more than 2- please get a quote.

If you want sky replacement (your cover must already have sky)
which includes re doing the text
£39 per cover
As I will need your separate image files, font name and pantone.
The more you can give me, the better it will look.

3D mock up with release date £39
Author appearance £39
Fake billboard £39

1 x cover (no sky)
1x 3D mock up
1x announcement

If you don't ask, you don't get!

Our shop is coming soon.
For now in the form below:

1. Please fill in exactly your requirements, number of covers, an idea of what you'd like (tell us which of our covers you like) and hit submit. Please double check any potential text for any typos.
2. We will then contact you directly for the high quality file, so please have this to hand!
3. Once we have a good file and some solid ideas, you can submit payment to us via a paypal link.
4. We'll work the magic on your animated cover!
5. We'll send the animations for 1 round of revisions/tweaks if you have any.

Average turn around time is 7 days. If you need it sooner, a rush fee of £15 will be applied.

*Disclaimer: We are not the designers of your book covers. We design the animations only based on images you supply us. We reserve the right to feature any of our work on this site. We may contact you in future regarding offers via your email.

Animate my cover is a subsidiary of the author
Lee Francis.
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